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Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce the image of the fetus on the screen of the machine.

We offer a free limited ultrasound to women who have had a positive pregnancy test.  A limited ultrasound is used to:

confirm the pregnancy is in the uterus — some pregnancies develop in other places such as the fallopian tube, which is called an ectopic pregnancy. If not discovered, the tube will rupture and the woman would need immediate medical care to prevent infection or even death due to loss of blood.

confirm a viable pregnancy — meaning the pregnancy is capable of developing under normal conditions. Some pregnancies end in early miscarriage. Viability is verified by detection of the fetal heart beat.

determine the gestational age — certain measurements made during ultrasounds indicate the age of the fetus.

Contact the CPC today for a free ultrasound test to check the viability of your pregnancy: Call (805) 373-1222 or Click Here to send an email.